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The research program of the Hegedus group centers on the development of transition metal organometallic compounds as reagents in organic synthesis. The discovery in these laboratories some years ago that photolysis of chromium carbene complexes generates species with ketene-like reactivity has opened pathways to a number of classes of biologically active compounds

Current research efforts involves the synthesis of antiviral nucleoside analogs via chromium-carbene-derived optically active cyclobutanones;

anti HIV cyclams via chromium carbene derived azapenams

and pseudo peptides via chromium carbene derived peptides.

In addition, new methodology problems are constantly evolving. As they develop, applications to the synthesis of biologically active compounds are planned.

Students recently employed

Mike Miller - Schering Plough

John Montgomery - Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

Shon Pulley - Assistant Professor, University of Missouri

John Masters - Eli Lilly

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Postdoctoral Fellowships

John Masters - American Cancer Society

Shon Pulley - National Institutes of Health

Mike Miller - National Institutes of Health

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