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Colorado State University
Department of Chemistry
Ft. Collins CO 80523-1872 USA
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These services are available by contract and at a cost. Inquire for details - I don't work for free, and neither should you!

Glassblowing classes and training are NOT offered, and there are NO employment opportunities in this one-man shop, so please don't ask.


Schlenk 'Airfree' Manifolds
Grant Funding Applications


In situ NMR spectroscopy of combustion [J. Am. Chem. Soc., 125, 13298 (2003)]

Devitrification of glass
What is the difference between black and brown Viton?
How do you seal a quartz Brewster's angle window to a tube?
What's the difference between glass etching and glass corrosion?
Why does glass change color when irradiated?
What is the role of oxygen in glass?
Survey of UV-setting adhesives.
'Singing' quartz?!?


'Dihydrogen Monoxide Demonstration Devices', my entry to the colleges of Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences First Annual (2006) 'Art & Science Exhibition'
Home-made parallel jaw pliers for forming glass
A picture of me.
CAUTION! HUMOR: A history of the invention of ceramics.

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A lab that employs optically pumped noble gasses for use as contrasting agents in magnetic resonance imaging - I do a lot of work for this lab.

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